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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Don’t let rain or the cold stop play, take the fun indoors instead! It's time to go WILD at Super Zu.

Move over outdoor play there's a new world of play that's waiting Indoors. This is a Play Centre like no other and it's utterly brilliant. What sets this centre apart from any other Play Centre? The space - there's a floor area of 2270m2! The equipment and attractions - there's just so much to do, you'll want to come back for more!

super zu play centre big shot

super zu play centre ball pit

super zu play centre dingley toddler zone

super zu tunnel slide dingley

super zu play centre tube slide

super zu playcentre

super zu play centre frozen birthday party

super zu play centre medieval party room

Burn off some energy as you climb a volcano, zoom down the giant tube slide, climb to a peak of 6.3 metres high (say what!), go on a cave climb and swing the monkey bars, shoot some ball cannons, jump for joy on one of the trampolines, cruise around on your very own safari car, push your way through a spiders web of destruction or go on safari while riding a ride-on animal. Phew...Sounds fun hey?

Not content on just having a day of play? Bring your friends and have a themed party at Super Zu! There's safari party packages galore at the ready.

Want to watch over your toddlers while they burn up some energy too? The special toddler area is located just near the cafe Mama's!

Toddler's - SuperZu offers a world of fun and stimulation for little ones too

- "Catch the Balloon" chamber

- Air Balls

- Climbing structures

- Slides

- Ride on rocking animals

- Educational and interactive walls

Parent's Room - The Parent's Room is located behind the Toddler's Play Area, next to the Toilets

SuperZu has a separate Parent's Room complete with:

- Comfortable couches if you wish to feed in private.

- Microwave for heating milk and sterilizing bottles.

- Sink for clean up.

- Baby change table for nappy changes.

- Bar fridge for storing milk.

- Television, magazines and books to pass the time


Wear socks (they're a must) - otherwise you can purchase socks

Loose comfy clothing. You're going to bounce, climb and scramble all day long!

Where: 362-364 Boundary Road Dingley, Victoria 3172

Hours: 09:00 – 17:00, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and New Years Day)


All Day Play – CHILD

  • 2 years old+ $18
  • Second child 2 years+, same family $15
  • Additional Children 2 years+, same family $13

All Day Play – TODDLER

  • 1-2 years old $10
  • <12 mths FREE
  • After 4pm entry $5

Safari Animals & Safari Cars - Ride Tokens

  • Ride Token x 1 $3
  • Ride Token x 4 (weekend) $10
  • Ride All Day – School day $10




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