Climb on board and be transported to the high seas.

black sapphire pirate playground aberfeldie

black sapphire riverside park

black sapphire riverside playground aberfeldie melbourne
This pirate boat was built for imaginary play! With bells, a secret tunnel, a captains quarters, wooden wheel, telescopes, treasure, a slide to escape with your loot, a lookout and climbing rope it's a playground worthy of some lads and lassies to enjoy and it comes complete with a walk the plank (or jump, dive or sink into the soft sand landing below)!

The 12m x 5.4m timber pirate ship is an impressive addition to the Maribynong waterfront. It's so well built you might just find yourself on board chasing your scallyways! There's also two older playgrounds in front of the carpark and plenty of space plus tables and benches for a picnic.

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122 The Boulevard, Aberfeldie VIC 3040