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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Central West Shopping Centre's parent room has just undergone a major renovation and it has the basic necessities of an ideal parent room facility. Not only do they offer school holiday activities, a Central West Play Group and a Bilingual Story Time but now you'll have a nice new parents room for when life throws those little 'accidents' your way, you want somewhere comfy to feed or you just need to stop and take a little breather! ALL this under the watchful eye of the resident Honeyeater mural.

Central west shopping centre Bonsai

Central west baby honeyeater 

central west parent room braybrook

Central West has engaged with urban artist Bonsai and the greater local community - holding a competition for local young artists and creatives and giving them the chance to work with the man himself.

The result? A beautiful and inspiring mural of the Helmeted Honeyeater painted on the parent room walls. When asked about why she chose the native bird, Hannah said;

“I chose the Helmeted Honeyeater because it is the Victorian emblem and the fact that both parents care for their young is really important".

The top necessities of an ideal parent's room include:

1. Privacy

At Central West, they have incorporated curtains to allow mums to section off their own area - providing the ultimate in privacy. Cushiony seating arrangements also make for a cosy and comfortable experience too.

2. In-built change tables

In-built nursing stations make life all the easier. No unfolding and setting up of change tables whilst holding a crying baby in your hands!

See examples in the images attached.

3. Space

As compact as they are these days, prams still need space. You need even more room if you have a second and/or third child as well.

At Central West, there is plenty of room to look after your littlest one whilst keeping your other kids happy too.

4. Auto-doors

A pram, a crying baby, your nursing bag and all of those shopping bags... How on earth are you now going to open a door? Auto-doors are a must.  


Central West Shopping Centre, 65-67 Ashley St, Braybrook VIC 3019




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