As I write this review I am still abuzz with excitement from last nights Cavalia performace.

We were fortunate enough to be VIP Cavalia guests and lets just say we were anything but disappointed. The show under the big tops at the docklands was spectacular!

cavalia little melbourne

For those who haven't heard of Cavalia,  it is a breath-taking, awe-inspiring combination of acrobatics, trapeze, trampoline, special effects, live music and beautiful horsemanship all under one big top. During the almost 3 hour show, there was so much spectacular amazingness that at times I didn't know who or what to watch. It is evident that much thought and endless creativity went into producing this extraordinary show. The acrobats and riders were amazing and their love and passion for the horses was obvious. From the dressage-style formations to the western style stunt riding the show captured the beauty and strength of the horse whilst celebrating the relationship between horse and man, or lady!

I didn't take my little man (almost 4 year old) to the show out of fear that he would come under attack of the bottom wriggles - remember, it is an almost 3 hour long show. However, surprisingly there were a lot of kids in the audience. And I found myself thinking mid-show "oh, Noah would have loved this and I must tell Noah about that..." In particular, the western style cowboy scene would have been a huge delight. I naturally was intrigued to see how the younger audience members found the show and if the girls seated next to me were anything to go by it was a huge hit for them also. They clapped, they cheered, they laughed and squealed with delight. As we walked to intermission I overheard them discussing which of the horses was their absolute favourite. It was adorable. And even more delightful was seeing the girls meet the stars at the post-shown stable tour which was included as part of the VIP package. I would highly recommend this tour, especially for children.

The crowd was a mixture of people and it really seemed that horse lover, or not, Cavalia makes everyone smile.

A huge thank you to little Melbourne and Cavalia for the opportunity to review Cavalia.


Cavalia is currently showing at the White Big Top, Docklands until Sunday 18th August.

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