The days are getting longer and the outdoors beckons.

Our daughter has whizzed around on a balance bike since she was about two years old. She could literally fly around the house and courtyard and nothing would stop her. We thought it was high time to upgrade after she hit the five year old mark and Byk Bikes had a great wrap. How impressed were we.

byk bike review

Once your tyke learns to ride a bike, there's no turning back. Speedy things come in large packages and the Elsternwick Park was our destination to give the bike a spin.

Byk Bikes, is a two-wheeler with all the bells and whistles that teaches kids to ride while buzzing around. The proof: Our 5 year old learnt to ride her new wheels in half an hour.

Its well-built construction, and thoughtful design make playtime fun and safe and features adjustable handlebars and saddle allowing the bike to grow with the child. The bike is also light in appearance, easy on the eye, perfect in performance, excellent build and quality and very sturdy. We chose the E-350 in yellow but it also comes in a range of other colours with (or without) training wheels.

Byk Bikes are for toddlers and kids aged 2+ years.

So get out in the fresh air, local park, bike trail, school holiday riding school or just hang out with your friends with your new wheels. These are all good enough reasons to get moving and get your child on to a bike. And to ensure real cycling fun, you should choose the proper bike right from the start.

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