If you want to discover a playground that's much, much more than your average swing/slide/monkey bar playground then our Top 5 Adventure Playground Guide ticks all the boxes for so much more and they're ALL high on the wow-wow-wow factor.

Skinners Adventure Playground

skinners adventure playground

This community playground was developed and specifically created for families living in public housing in South Melbourne. The playground is only open in the afternoons and weekends and has a supervised after-school care program on-site. Skinners Adventure Playground has evolved over the years to become a sprawling and imaginative space. Many of the play elements have been constructed by the local community from recycled or salvaged material – old tractor tyres, slides, gates, fence pailings etc. There is a bounty of challenging equipment, cubbies, boardwalks and tower structures offering opportunities for children to take some risks during play – creating a wonderful learning experience through exploration, trial and error and discovery.

You'll also find scooters and old bikes scattered about, a basketball court, trampoline, chook pen and bunny rabbit hutch and several slide options. Best suit for ages 4+ years. Be prepared to spend a good couple of hours here. The South Melbourne Market isn't far away and there's some cafes on Coventry Street.


Middle Park Community Playground

albert park adventure playground

This huge wooden fort playground is another gem in Bayside. Climb, tunnel, swing, jump and scramble over and under all the equipment. This playground provides hours of play for older kids. (There's not much in the way for toddlers to do). Facilities are great - bbqs, loads of park benches and seating, good toilets and shaded trees. For a caffeine hit and babycino visit MART 130 next to the tram line. Possibly the only downside is metered parking but you can always park for free close to the Middle Park shops for an hour or two.


Hays Paddock East Kew

hays paddock east kew melbourne

Not only is this playground lots of fun, you could easily spend 3 or 4 hours here, as, apart from the playground, there's a huge walking/running track, BBQ facilities, a lake with bird life and grounds to wander. It also suits all abilities and is the leading contender for an absolute TOP playground.

Developed by Danielle Blanden and Jenny Grahem, local residents with both both disabled and able-bodied children, the playground incorporates a creative range different features to cater to everyone. Sight and hearing-impaired children are provided Braille and sign language facilities, while ramps allow access to those in wheelchairs.


Victory Park, Ascot Vale

victory park playground

You won't be caught short of something to do here, this wooden adventure playground is pretty special and full of play. The wooden fortress with its turrets and tunnels and corners and steps will keep you busy as a bee as you manoever and hover, slide and swing, run and bounce! There's plenty of slide and swing action here too and you get the feeling it's a central hub for birthday parties with the overly large and covered picnic/bbq area. The playground suits anyone from toddlers to older kids, just watch your toddler like a hawk as it's all go, Go, GO here!



St Kilda Adventure Playground

st kilda adventure playground park  

They've nailed it with the fun-factor here! Here you'll be able to get amongst trampolines, half pipe, flying fox, sandpit, tree house, pirate ship, twisty slide a cubby house plus there's so much more to discover. They also cater for playgroups and how cool would a birthday party be amongst this thrill seeking wonderland! Two sperate covered spaces for birthday parties (bookings essential) and a playgroup with scattered chairs and tables. It's nothing 'flash' but that's the nature of this whole playground. Managed by the City of Port Phillip and supported through Federal FAHCSIA Funding. The funding is to target children and families who would usually be unable to access cultural, recreational activities due to social or financial constraints. For many families the playgrounds are more than just a 'backyard' - they are a support network, a place to learn new skills, somewhere to 'escape', a link to the wider community, and a safe place to have fun. Suits ages 6+ years.