With all those hidey-holes, this wooden playground is a treasure trove to play hide-and-seek in!

thomas st reserve hampton

thomas st reserve turret

thomas st reserve hampton melbourne

thomas st reserve swings

This is the playground to venture to if you've got an energetic little person who needs to blow off some steam as it can only be described as a 'busy' playground with ups and downs to manouver, a tunnel slide, double and single slides to go down, tunnels to explore and nooks and crannies to seek adventure in every corner. There's even a sandpit and swing set to add to the mix.

The playground is fully fenced and un-shaded (apart from the swing set which is shaded), but with all the turrets spread out they do provide adequate shade. If you're craving some coffee or a lunch break, Thomas St Grocery is nearby and has plenty of home-cooked offerings, books, milkshakes and highchairs for the kids.

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164 Thomas St, Hampton