Ricketts Point makes a great day trip for beach-goers. So...you don't come here for beach 'perfection' as it's got a bit of litter (sadly) floating about but you do come here for the rock pools, beach walks and it also gets bonus points for never really being that crowded. You'll want to stay a while and dig in so the kids can enjoy a paddle and you can take in the serenity!


The accessible rockpools show an array of intertidal and coastal plant and animal life. Near the shore, the rocks are covered in green and red algae that shelter a myriad of smaller creatures, including tiny brittlestars, bristle worms and crustaceans. The soft sea floor is covered in patches of green sea grass or bunches of seaweed attached to small rocks.

little TIPS

- Car park available $5 for 1 hour, or limited parking on Beach Road

- Ricketts Point Beach Cafe gets busy (we prefer to bring a picnic)

- Plenty of picnic tables available

- pack/wear beach shoes - crocs/thongs/natives etc - you'll need them on the rock pools

Where: off Beach Road, Beaumaris