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Quick! Ring the bell, prepare your vessel, to the high seas we go! Situated at Sandridge Beach Perc White Reserve (near the beachfront), Maritime Cove Community Park has a perfectly fitting nautical theme that incorporates the natural landscape including the foreshore dunes and when you're up high - beach views!

There is a life-saving tower - which is the centre-piece of the play space - and salvaged maritime assets including buoys, a crows nest, channel markers and bollards for children to climb and explore. Sea-animal sculptures and open stage areas resembling shipping containers suitable for picnics enhance the maritime theme. Other features include climbing walls, ladder bridges, water features and a dedicated younger kids play area with lots of sand play with a brilliant pulley system.

The fortress is fairly impressive with many challenging climbing ropes and rope bridges to negotiate to get to the top and navigate the twisty slide - hard work for a toddler but the older kids will have no problems! There's two areas for water play. The main area in the middle of the playground you'll need to work for your water! Hop on the sea-saw and depending how hard you're pushing is what will determine the water pressure! There's also a pump that you'll need to operate for the water and there's a trough for water and sand play too at one end of the playground. There's also a little music feature - somewhere to ring a bell and make some more noise!

There's no shade apart from a couple of trees that do provide morning shade and a small sheltered area overlooking the bigger climbing frames.

We think it's pretty ship-shape and a nice addition to the area and you'll sense a sea of calm (no pun intended) being surrounded by sand and the water! When you're done running amok, the beach may be calling or a lunch/coffee pit stop at Caps Cafe (a short walk by the boardwalk) or in the opposite direction you may wish to follow the cycling trail.

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Maritime Cove Community Park, Perc White Reserve, Port Melbourne