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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

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So you finally watched Marie Kondo on Netflix and went on a decluttering spree and now you’re left with a ton of unwanted clothes, books, furniture, electronics and toys you don't know what to do with?

It's a great time to go through your belongings. New year, new you, right? But, with the clean-up and throw-out, you might be wondering where to donate ALL. THAT. STUFF that you've accummulated. 



Fast fashion creates tons of waste in the form of unwanted clothing. Here's where to pass them on to someone else.


Charity Shop

This is the first obvious choice but please call them to see if they're first; open and 2nd; actually accept your donation. 


H & M 

You can drop off your clothing in ANY condition as well as sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases etc (and you will receive 15% off your next purchase in store)
Around 60 percent goes to re-wear, (outsourced to a recycling company) and what cannot be re-worn will be reused and repurposed for things like cleaning cloths, insulation for houses and other products.…/get-involved/recycle-your-clothes.html 


Fitted for Work and Dress for Success

Donate women's work wear and shoes  


Uplift Project

You can donate secondhand bras and swimwear you no longer need to the Uplift Project. The organisation will then send them to disadvantaged communities. 


Baby and Children's Clothes and Equipment

If you've got new or secondhand baby and children's clothes and baby equipment like cots, prams, and car seats, as well as other baby essentials consider:

St Kilda Mums in St. Kilda (they often have collection points around Melbourne) 

Mums Supporting Families in Need - a Peninsula based organisation

3081 Angels 


Backpacks 4 VIC Kids 

There purpose is to aid children going into Out of Home care such as foster care and kinship care. Often children are placed quickly into foster care without much more than what they are wearing at the time. We strive to provide them with a few essential items to help with the transition. You can donate clothing, toiletries, NEW underwear and socks, nappy bags etc. 


National Homeless Collective

Do you have good quality clothing you’d like to donate? The new Op Shop and meditation Den The Kala Space would love your donations! The Kala Space will be employing women experiencing homelessness and domestic abuse to help them get back on their feet. The sale of clothing will go directly toward training and employing women in need.
Not only do we want you do donate your clothes, we want you to shop with us as well. The more loyal customers we have, the more women we can employ and help get back into housing and the workforce. 





Books continue to be useful no matter how old they get so long as their pages remain intact, so it is extremely wasteful to throw them away. The following places accept second hand books:

- Try your local Little Free Library. These wonderful community little free libraries are just that. Often they're at a cafe, in the front of someone's home, a church or in a park. 

- Your local library. I know the St Kilda Library has bins out the front for collection of books to be distributed to the poor. Try your local library!

- The Fiji Book Drive sends books, school supplies and laptops to needy Fijian Primary Schools. Mainly on the island of Kadavu. 




Take your old TVs and computers to drop off points where they are recycled as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.


Drop your mobile phones and tablets off for recycling at MobileMuster collection points found at phone shops and post offices.


ALDI Supermarkets take your old or unwanted batteries. Simply drop your used household batteries into the recycling bin located in every ALDI store - (removing any packaging) - and you're done! Whilst any brand of battery can be brought back, only AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized batteries (rechargeable and non- rechargeable) are accepted through the program.


Officeworks takes your unwanted laptops, printers, disks and power supplies.…/abou…/social-responsibility


Zoos Victoria collect mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and associated accessories in any condition and can be dropped off at Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary.




- Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start. It's an easy listing process and free. I've given away a TV that we had sitting in the spare room (!!!), sporting equipment, sold clothes and other random bits and pieces over time. You can also join your localised buy / sell / swap group to giveaway your goods.

- Gumtree is another easy and free way to sell your goods and belongings and no listing fees.


- Buy Nothing Hampton / Sandringham / Black Rock, Vic

They offer members a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbours. Post anything you'd like to give away, lend, or share in this Buy Nothing community group. Ask for anything you'd like to receive for free or borrow. Keep it legal. Keep it civil. 

You can join here if you live in one of those suburbs: 


- Contact your local council to find out how your items can be recycled locally.


- Bikes for Life have a drop-off point in Altona and have collection points in Vermont South and Dandenong South 


- Lost Dogs Home accepts towels and blankets (not sheets)…/provide-comfort/ 






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