simply for flying little melbourneHand delivered to us on Friday, Simply for flying is a must for mini globe trotters.

Simply For Flying is the creation of Australian mum of two Bronwyn who now resides in Germany.

Keep your co-pilot busy with a children's flight logbook - their own little keepsake for when they're airborne.

Traveling with kids should get easier with practice. But no matter how carefully you pack your quart-size wheelie, trunki or backpack you still greet the ground staff with frustration, sweat and tears!

Here's a brilliant little invention to help you stay sane in the air and on the ground.

"With this logbook you or your parents will be able to record the flight details and experiences of each flight you take.

For each journey, the Captain will record important flight log information on the left, and the opposite page has been left blank for YOU! In this area you can record what makes this flight special for you. This may include what you see out of your plane window, who you are flying with, or you might just like to record your seat number and add your own personal touch with a drawing.

The Simply for Flying logbook has an easy handling size of 135x95mm to keep with other important travel documents."


Once you’ve touched down your keepsake awaits to enjoy again and again and keep those memories alive and plan your next mini journey or big escape.

Next time family holiday and travel is calling, purchase your Simply for Flying logbook and you’re ready for takeoff.