Open for Play!
The super Plum Garland Memorial Playground gets the thumbs up.
Sun loungers, tunnels, a lookout and twisty slide, bottled water re-fill station, a baby swing and mini bouncy trampoline with climbing frame makes this playground a fun new hangout beachside.



What's better than a swim, paddle and dig on the beach? A playground beachside with a ground cover of soft sand!

Before the re-vamp of Plum Garland this playground was looking rather tired, weathered and sad, now it's a haven of pitter patter and will provide a different kind of challenge for both BIG and little kids.

There's lots of play 'areas'. One end boasts swings, a digger, climbing frame and mini trampoline. In the middle of the playground there's a really great twirly-whirly slide, just be wary of the rocks on the climb up. A dedicated orange baby swing is within close reach and nicely shaded and it's close to tunnel areas - so good if you have a baby and busy toddler to watch over. At the opposite end (un-shaded to date) you'll find picnic tables, a swing, grassed area and a spin 'thing' (not sure of the name but it's high on the fun radar!).


Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park, VIC 3206



Metered parking or 1/2 hour Free Parking across the Street on Beaconsfield Parade