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Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Keeper Kids is a keeper!

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keeper kids zoo melbourne outdoors

When you're living with a future zookeeper/artist/paleontologist/cafe owner, almost all your excursions turn into research trips. Fortunately, our son's current passion for zoos can be easily indulged with a trip to the Melbourne Zoo and our daughter will happily oblige especially when there's the lure of a 'take home' souvenier from the gift shop or a jaunt around the elephant trail. (What's more tempting is the 15% off if you're a Zoos Victoria Member)!

In a nutshell, Keeper Kids is a space where kids can play, learn and discover and that's exactly what they did.

Opened in March 2012 in what used to be a tearoom, Keeper Kids is spacious, light, colourful and very appealling. It's divided into sections. Just as you may find at your local kinder/childcare there's different 'stations' to move about and discover. Whether you want to bandage an animals paw, play shop, add foliage, dress-up and role play or simply chill out in the reading zone, it's all covered and carefully thought out. From the parent/carer zone in the middle of the room to the smooth edges, you'll only find happy chatter here.

The latest installment at Keeper Kids is the added addition of the Works Play Space. Here you'll be able to don a tool kit (just like Dad!) and be a plumber, try your hand at carpentry or zoo design and pretend you're fixing/making/creating or building something at the zoo.

Too often than not boredom sets in after a mighty quick run around but our mini zoologists were happy and engaged for the best part of 1.5 hours. At the moment every toy, dress-up, stuffed animal, book, hard hat is spick and new - lets hope it stays that way. We can see how Keeper Kids could work in all seasons, duck in when it's raining outdoors and you want a welcome relief from a windy Winter's day or beat the heat in Summer and keep cool indoors.

Keeper Kids also has a relative 'newcomer' to the mix with a little outdoor space where you can climb on board a jeep, forage in a burrow, sit in a field tent or even spot Eastern Barred Bandicoots’ tracks!

You can't miss Keeper Kids - it's there loud, clear and sign posted as soon as you walk through the entrance.

If you want to continue with the Keeper Kids theme and the kids are feeling peckish, you can purchase a Keeper Kids Lunch Box for $9.50 available daily from the Melbourne Zoo Bakery, Plaza Takeaway and Meerkat Cafe. The Keeper Kids Lunch Box includes:

- a Ham and Cheese or Vegemite Sandwich, Pop Top Juice, Piece of fruit, Gingerbread Zoo Keeper and a Collectable Zoo gift. It sure beats nuggets and chips!

If you think you'll visit more than a few times, it's definitely worth it to become a Zoo Member.

Verdict: Keeper Kids - it won our happy campers over!





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