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If baking at home with your kids is long overdue, a Brasserie Bread Kids Baking Class may be just what you knead to get back on track.

Monday is swimming, Tuesday is soccer practise, Wednesday is ballet, Thursday is music, Friday is take-away and Saturday, well, Saturday is rest for you while the kids whip up all sorts of fancies in Baking Class.

Brasserie Bread offer a free baking class for children aged 5+ and it's just the sort of class that brings an incredible sense of achievement as well as answering those questions you may get at home 'where does bread come from'...'who makes the bread' etc. etc.

After meeting the teacher and being given a name tag you enter through the Breaducation door and the mini bakers assemble around a flour dusted bench. Here it's time to get down to business and this is when you can disappear and devour your coffee and ensemble of whatever your taste buds fancy at Brasserie Bread. We've been here on quite a few occassions and if you're here around Easter their hot cross buns are totally indulgent as is any of their breads and pastries with strawberry jam (the best i've ever tasted) or you might go a full breakfast.

While you're munching away, reading the papers or eyeing the bread through the glass window being made under your eyes, your mini baker is busily whipping up pizzas, raisin and cinnamon scrolls and chocolate brioch. Afterwards they'll have a tour of where the bread is made while they eagerley await their creations.

This one hour class is well paced, relaxed, friendly and caters to any level.

If you're interested in attending, you'll need to book now, we waited two months to get into this very popular class.

Brasserie Bread also offer School Holiday Kids Baking Classes for $40.

So book in and you'll be walking out with...lunch!


Brasserie Bread

150 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205


Class happens every Saturday Morning at 10am




Bookings Essential

Call 1300 966 845 during business hours Mon-Fri, or fill in the Enquiry form with your contact details and a member of our team will contact you.

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