Simone te Koppele was designing costumes at the tender age of six, creating elaborate outfits from recycled bubble wrap, fashioning hats out of newspaper, and flowers from tissues.

Fast-forward a few decades and nothing much has changed for the now mother-of-three, apart from her choice of 'material'. These days the Dutch dressmaker uses only natural fabrics with enduring quality in her Wanabe Costumes, and the end result is proving incredibly popular with young and old alike.

Available throughout Europe and the UK since 2004, Simone's hand-made designs have now arrived in Australia. The range includes favourites like Little Red Riding Hood, Cowboys and Indians, Robin Hood, Pirates, Witches, Fairies, Knights, and more.

So if you're struggling to shift your kids from the couch, why not inspire their imagination with a game of old-fashioned dress-ups?

Prices range from AUD$60 – $80 ... a lot cheaper than an Xbox, Wii or PS3!


Simone Agency