Welcome to the world of Tutu du Monde, a world of whimsy, of make-believe, and above all a world of fun, where little girls can lose themselves in their dreams.

When womenswear designer Andrea Rembeck couldn't find a tutu for her daughter that wasn't mass-produced, polyester or hot pink, she embarked on making one herself. That first labour of love was much remarked upon and before long Tutu du Monde was born.

Created for little girls who dream of being prima ballerinas, magical fairies or pretty princesses, Tutu du Monde's beautiful line of tutu dresses and skirts, tops and accessories have a vintage feel that only gets better with age. Exquisitely crafted using the finest tulle, silk organza and cotton, and hand-sewn with twinkly crystal beads, sparkly sequins, delicate wisps of feathers and soft silk ribbons, Tutu du Monde's collections are perfect for weddings, parties, special occasions or just magical dress-up costumes.

Beautiful, ecological and ethically made, both mums and little girls will love Tutu du Monde's exquisite collection of magical tutus.




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