Raise your glasses, you're in for a real treat in the Yarra Valley this weekend.

As you drive through the sweeping vineyards and rolling hills of the Yarra Valley, you can not help but feel a sense of growing curiosity. Then you find yourself driving towards a cellar door or vineyard that you have never visited, but instinct tells you it was well worth the diversion from your usual wine-tour route. It is here you discover for yourself the hidden secrets and pure delight of the smaller wineries of the Yarra Valley region.

Family-owned and run, these unassuming wineries offer a very different experience and it’s not uncommon for the smile who greets you at the door to be that of the winemaker or vigneron whose creation you are about to savour. Only at these smaller wineries can casual visitors get such a personal insight into the vintage - its challenges, nuances and accomplishments.

Make a day out this weekend with Shedfest and the most important part is most wineries will have a kids menu on offer, entertainment, coffee (!!) and something for the kids.

- Teddy the Border Collie (Badgers Brook)

- Alpacas and a mini orchard (Brumfield)

- Matthew the vineyard cat (Whispering Hills)

- A giant game of Jenga (Paynes Rise)

- Sheep and Lambs (Yering Farm)


Find out about the Wineries participating here.


Badger's Brook

Billanook Estate

Boat O'Craigo

Brumfield Winery

Elmswood Estate

Payne's Rise

Seville Estate

Seville Hill


Tokar Estate

Whispering Hills Vineyard

Yarra Peaks

Yering Farm.