seville water play seville

Pack your swimmers, sunscreen, hat and towel, you''re going on a water play adventure!

This water play park could quite possibly be one of the best re-purposing of a decomissioned swimming pool ever! Step out of the real world and into your own water fantasy. Find a Magic Button to trigger of the first of 15 random jet produced water eruption sequences creating rain over you, your friends and family.

Make your way out of the water jets and discover the beauty and simplicity of the Archimedes screw. Turn the handle slowly and enjoy the soft tinkling of water or turn faster and create a fast flow through the canal rapids. Enter the rockery and let your imagination take you to a place of dinosaur eggs and meteorites large and small. Make your escape through the echoed pipes or roll down dinosaur hill and into the tranquil native gardens and open grassed picnic areas. Located next to the recreation reserve, the park has water activities for all ages. Open 24 hours a day, entry is free.

The water jets will be activated on Saturday 24 September 2016 and will remain active until April 2017.

The park also has plenty of open space, shaded areas, a fun playground and BBQ's for a great day out.

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10 Monbulk-Seville Road, Seville, VIC 3139