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Lets Bake!
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Get set to climb, run, bike, scoot, scramble, swing and of course, sweat!

We've covered some of our very favourite playgrounds in Melbourne in one handy guide making it easy to pick and choose next time you need to get out!

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Your hot. It's sticky. So what are you going to do with your little ball of energy? Head out and get wet of course!

If it’s looking like another hot one pack up the kiddies and head to one of our fantastic reco’s for a splashing good time!

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Right now we love...

Cuppa Cottage Tea Rooms, Sandringham

cuppa cottage gingerbread manSandringham - leafy quiet streets, beautiful big houses, a picture perfect beach and it's home to the very shabby CHIC Cuppa Cottage Tea Rooms. This is one local that's worth getting to know.

Think tea cups. Think homemade. Think knick-knacks. Think freshly made scones. Think Nanna's! Read more...

Our Top Event of the Week

We love the Collingwood Children's Farm

collingwood farm goats cowsThe Collingwood Children's Farm is a little slice of country life right in the heart of Melbourne and only 4 kilometres from the CBD. 

It's a magical adventure for city kids to delight in farm life, hang out with the ducks, pat the goats, bottle feed the baby lambs and milk the cows.

It's our favourite place to hang out with our friends and little ones.



Our Top Activity of the Week

Veg Out Community Gardens, St Kilda

veg out community gardens muralDig deeper into St Kilda and you'll discover a little mini oasis that is Veg Out Community Gardens. It's a perfect spot to stroll around and a quiet retreat to hang out with the kids in tow even if you don't have a plot.

There's so much more to Veg Out though than just the garden plots. Community working bees are a great way to help out and become involved in what goes on here. There's a VFMA farmer's market happening on the first Saturday of each month. Special events are held with the local community (Easter and Christmas events are popular) and there's a sandpit with toys and bikes for the kids. You'll also find some chickens, bunnies and birds amongst the veggie plots. Read more...

Toddler Friendly Melbourne Activities & Events Guide

In need of a new activity for your baby or toddler before you both start climbing the walls?

toddler friendly melbourne activities

Having a toddler ourselves these are some of our favourite hangouts when the park just won't do it anymore!

Some of them are free, some of them are reasonably priced but none of them should break the bank. Read more...

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